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    Hangzhou big yuan artificial environment equipment co., LTD., founded in 2003, zhejiang province high and new technology enterprise, national key support high-tech enterprises, the mountain, gas hot water heating furnace professional manufacturers, through the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system and ISO14001:2004 international environmental management system certification, the entire ERP management, paperless office, its production scale, production capacity and market share are ranked peer forefront.        Mountain, is a gas heating furnace hot water industry in China, a line of famous brand, China gas wall-mounted gas furnace heating professional committee, one of the top ten brand, with first-class quality, reasonable price, precise and perfect after-sale service and absolutely is famous for its security, is the king of the people of energy saving, in the industry take the lead in science and technology national torch plan.The mou...
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    Improve the living environment and living quality.Demand for refrigeration, heating and living hot water all the people to provide the best matching scheme and the best quality products.
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    The sunshine, the mountain in healthy growth, thrive. ▼ in 2013 -- -- -- -- -- --Cb, obtain natural gas heating professional committee of China one of the top ten brands. ▼ in 2012 -- -- -- -- -- --Integration of high-tech, energy integrator, a gas energy, light energy, superficial can pioneer products.Won the national invention patentCb, transformation and upgrading, the mountain, the sixth generation products. ▼ in 2011 -- -- -- -- -- --, in the second session of quality of life in hangzhou, hangzhou local industry brands poll, the mountain named top ten young enterprise brand. , held "to the mountain," a large tour activitiesDonated 400000 funded by qinghai province shagou "high straight hai qin hope primary school", completion of school in September. • review by the zhejiang province high and new technology enterprise. ▼ in 2010 -- -- -- -- -- --, the brand book "the eternal mountain," by the Shanghai wenyi press. Cb,...
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