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    In this series product divides the plate type, bushing, condensing three categories.Bushing with plate type appearance and shape of the same size

    1, the common characteristic: 

    Fan according to gas into the air during operation, automatically adjust the wind speed, maximum limit reduces heat loss.

    , the use of switching power supply control method, can be in 170-260 - v voltage, frequency, change the larger environment under normal use.

    Control, control device adopts anti-interference design, distance can reach more than 50 meters.

    The patent for utility model design, high power models more compact volume.

    Appearance design patent, metallic paint, easy to clean;Three sets of shell structure type, easy disassembly, installation and after-sales service is convenient.



    1, the individual character characteristic: 

    Change, plate type: in thermal efficiency is high, the water temperature constant.Integrated waterway design, more stable performance.

    bushing: warming faster.

    , condensing, waste heat of latent heat poor invention patent design, thermal efficiency is as high as 108%, the high-end products in this series of products, meet the needs of high-end customers.

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