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Tangula series

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    1, the system's brief introduction:
    Tangula column system (central heating hot water boiler) on floor has a single function and the double function, can be individually for heating or heating water, also can synchronization for heating and hot water.A single module to meet the needs of heating buildings within 600 square meters, multiple modules in series can easily implement large area, large flow supply of hot water and heating power expansion, is a mountain, patented products.Especially suitable for villas, small hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, large foot bath room, beauty parlor, etc.

    2, the main features:
     • cross compound control combustion heat
    • intellisense and downtime Save energy 
    • forced exhaust 
    Safe and reliable, 
     • independent modules run
    , full automatic intelligent computer control
    Easy to install, elegant  appearance
    , easy expansion, cost savings

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